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For our business partners


We provide services for groups of 10 people and more. We work by cash or by bank transfer. We will make a special separate menu taking into account the wishes and tastes of the guests! We are waiting for your call: +7 (921) 414-67-65, we will answer your inquiry by e-mail: pirgoroi@bk.ru

The menu variations


Caviar tasting plate

Caviar (10 g each): sterlet, sturgeon, trout, pink salmon, pike; served with griddlecake, butter, chopped boiled egg, green onion, and with a glass of Champagne or vodka shot (for your choice)

Flavored vodka & starters tasting set

Cranberry vodka + mild-salted trout from Leningrad area / Chokeberry vodka + Solonina (corned beef) / Yeropheych vodka + salty lemons and green apple / Horseradish vodka + milk-cap mushrooms

Russian tea-drinking ceremony

A pile of classic wheat blini (Russian pancakes) served with honey, jam, sour cream and melted butter.
Russian herbal tea (Ivan-tea) prepared in traditional way in Samovar served with baranki (cracknels)  and sushki (dry cracker rings)